Guidelines for Reviews and Guest Blogs are set out below:


I am currently accepting submissions for books to review.

General Information

I am currently accepting Young Adult, New Adult and Adult books for reviewing. All books are subject to personal preference and the information below. You can send all requests via email or fill in the form at the end of this page.

For up-to-date information on books I’ve already read, or am waiting to read, you can visit my Goodreads page.

I am open to leaving reviews on multiple platforms, but my full review will be on this blog only. Other platforms will have a summary of the overall review. If allowed by the platform, a link to the full review will be left with the summary.

I accept both eBooks or physical copies. To save you money, I am happy to accept eBooks as long as they are compatible with Kindle. I can access them via the Kindle store if they are free or I will be happy to purchase eBooks as long as the price is £2 or lower. I do NOT accept audiobooks.

Below are the genres I accept or won’t accept. As many novels can fit into several genres, I do allow exceptions on a subjective basis, so feel free to contact me if you think your book will be a good fit for this blog. The same goes for a genre I may not have listed.

Books I will accept:

  • Fantasy
  • YA
  • Science Fiction
  • Paranormal
  • Horror
  • Thriller

Books I may accept:

  • Romance
  • Mystery
  • Short Story Collections
  • Poetry Collections
  • Action and Adventure
  • Non-Fiction
  • Historical Fiction

Books I WON’T accept:

  • Comics
  • Drama
  • Historical Non-Fiction
  • Extremely Political
  • Memoirs/Biographies
  • Diaries/Journals
  • Game Novelisations

Blog Policy

I cannot guarantee a book will be reviewed even if accepted. I try my best to only accept books I believe I will read and will try my upmost best to publish the review in a timely matter. However, with my job and other personal life matters, sometimes I simply run out of time. If there is no immediate deadline for the review, I will try my best to review it as soon as possible. At times, I will be taking part in blog tours and/or meeting deadlines for other novels which may require me to push back when I read your novel. Please see below about tours/deadlines.

I cannot give you a definite date for the review upon accepting. Upon accepting the request, I will agree with you a date upon which the review will go out. However, this will be a weekly date rather than a specific day and all dates are subject to change. Unless the review is part of a book tour (as below) or it has been agreed I will meet a deadline, reviews may be posted earlier or later than the agreed date. If you require a deadline, the earlier you request the review, the more likely I am to be able to put it out in a timely manner. Ideally, a 3 month notice period before the preferred review date is required. Depending on length of book, I can usually take between 3-8 days to read. Longer books require longer time.

I WILL take part in a blog tour as long as the genre of the book is in line with the genres listed above. I will post the review on the designated date as long as I am given enough notice.


Reviews are structured based on the following:

  • Introduction to the novel (using a synopsis you provide or one I create – the choice is yours)
  • To avoid spoilers, I don’t include quotes or details that are not included in the synopsis
  • I review books on the following criteria: Character, Plot, Storytelling, Emotion and Ending
  • I will always give a balanced review of both what I liked and what I didn’t (which will always be constructive)
  • I don’t rate anything on here and I only include books/collections I would recommend (I have previously stated at the end of each review that I would recommend the book – I have stopped that for the foreseeable future, but if this is something you would like me to include, I’ll be happy to include it).

If you would like an image to be included of your novel, please provide an image that is in line with the dimensions for WordPress. For my blog to be user-friendly and load quickly, images should be 300px width and length. For aesthetic reasons, I would like to avoid long images.

Please note: Although I have experience reviewing work as part of my university course, I am not a literary critic and so, at times, my reviews may not be as detailed or accurate as may be desired. I try my best to be as thorough as I can possibly be without spoiling anything. All reviews are my own personal opinion and I will try to remain objective as much as possible in my writing.

Guest Blogs & Other Collaborations

Guest Blogs

I am always happy to connect with other book bloggers and am happy for you to contact me with any ideas you have for possible collaborations such as, collaborative blog series, a post on each other’s blogs, a post you want published on mine, an interview of some kind or anything I haven’t listed, as long as it fits within the theme of this blog. As I do have a busy life outside this blog, I cannot guarantee fast results and it may take up to a few weeks for me to provide anything for any collaborative posts.

Author Interviews

I am considering creating a series of posts for author interviews. If you are interested, please contact me. If I have enough responses, I will start working on the process and questions. At the moment, it is just an idea and I’d like to have enough interest before it goes live. It is likely interviews will be via google forms.


I am open to promotions of book cover reveals, funding for books, upcoming releases or other products. I am open to ideas or suggestions for these promotions or other general promotions you may have in mind. However, I do ask that anything you would like me to promote is in line with the genres I review and/or, if it is a product, that it is in line with the theme of this blog or I will accept anything gaming/film/TV related.

All promotions are subject to approval as I only want to promote things I am interested in. That said, I will only accept physical copies of books or products/objects involved in the promotion. If no physical copy is available at the time of the promotion, I am happy to accept a pre-order and will decide based on the information I have beforehand. For cover reveals, I will only take part if I have read the book, planning to read it or am part of a blog tour involving the book. The type of promotion I do will be dependent upon discussion with you, but I am open to writing promotional reviews, informative posts, interviews, etc.

Please fill in the form below for any requests for reviews or other collaborations, or you can email me.

*Please include your blog address if you’d like to collaborate.